Sponsoring Workplace Projects

Your donation is tax deductible as ADDA is a non-profit helping adults with ADHD. Your generous contribution is essential in realizing our mission! ADDA is a  501(c) organization, with Federal ID number 84-1134997.

The ADDA Workplace Committee are fully managed by volunteers to help employees and employers better manage ADHD at work.  There is still a lot of work to do to eliminate the stigma of ADHD in the Workplace and help employees with ADHD make their best contribution at work. Several of the special projects that will allow us to achieve these goals require injections of money to happen. We rely on the kindness of strangers.

You Can Donate

Text to Donate Using a mobile device? Text “adhd” to 41444 to make your donation.

You Can Sponsor a Project

Projects we are seeking money for are:

  1. The development of an Interactive Accommodations Guide that will provide seekers with lists of accommodations based on type of work and challenges.
  2. The development of an Online Training Program for Human Resources professionals on how to manage ADHD at work.
  3. Financial support to send speakers to offer the Managing ADHD at Work Presentation, a presentation that targets businesses to build awareness of impacts of ADHD in the Workplace and offer solutions to help organizations help their employees with ADHD.
  4. Editing a series of videos with ADHD experts.

You Can Sponsor our Website

By posting a banner on our site. For more information, contact:
Caroline Maguire
Chair, Revenue Generation Committee