I’m an Entrepreneur and my Boss Is Driving me Crazy

Adults with ADHD are more likely than most to struggle with job loss, reprimands, … They are also more likely to have creative ideas and an entrepreneurial spirit.  Although there are few studies on the subject, in a study (Verheul, Block, Burmeister-Lamp, Thurik, Tiermeier, Turturea, 2015), that examined the relation between individual behaviors associated with ADHD, such as impulsivity, short attention spans, a preference or necessity for independent work, higher tolerance for risk, and the intention to pursue an entrepreneurial career of 10,104 students enrolled in higher education, researchers found that students with a high level of ADHD-like behaviors, were more likely to have an intention toward entrepreneurship.

Anecdotally, many professionals who work with adults with ADHD believe that there is a higher representation of ADHDers among entrepreneurs. Many well-known entrepreneurs, such as David Neeleman, Richard Branson, Paul Orfalea, and Charles Schwabb, have Attention Deficit Disorder.

While your creativity, your impulsivity, and your higher tolerance for risky behavior, not to mention, your work history, lead you to decide to start your own business, they do not guarantee that you will be a successful entrepreneur. Your level of distraction, disorganization, and procrastination, to name a few ADHD challenges, can be real obstacle to building and growing a successful business.

In this section, you will find resources to help you along your journey to become an entrepreneur.

Strategies for ADHD Entrepreneur

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Resources for Business Help

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