Simple Accommodations Can Make a Difference

After divulging your ADHD diagnosis, its important you demonstrate your willingness to make your own efforts to fill that performance gap. Most accommodations are simple, inexpensive and extremely effective. You can even implement many of them yourself. Implementing some changes immediately can demonstrate your positive intentions to your employer.

Strategies to Consider:

  • Request a standardized template for recurring reports that include necessary formulasAccommodations can make a difference
  • Color-coding: multi-color pens, highlighters and folders
  • Request instructions, questions and memos in writing when possible 
  •  Make a habit of taking notes at meetings and typing notes to keep as electronic reference files
  • Create specific folders in email and on desktop
  • Become cognizant of things that trip you up – like having multiple copies of the same document, not printing work for a visual review before submitting
  • Utilize electronic calendars, reminder features 
  • Ask for accommodations tailored to the work that you do (an example would be to ask for staff to add specific email titles to emails so the search function would be more receptive)
  • For routine duties with intricate instructions, develop a Project Instructions document that can be easily referenced for use
  • Eraser marker board – color code; list recurring duties on marker board and locate it near you
  •  Create a checklist, place it in a visible place and use it
  • Disclose your ADHD to other coworkers as needed

You’ll also find a list of steps to follow when requesting workplace accommodations.