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ADHD in the Workplace: Still Much to Do

By Linda Walker Most adults with ADHD find their challenges most daunting in the workplace. This is not to say ADHD is not an issue in other areas of life, it certainly is, but work related problems often spill over into other domains. When you’re struggling to keep up with demands, working long hours and […]

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Finding the right job for you

Finding the Right Job for You

If you have ADHD, or you work with people who do, you may have asked yourself, “Since I have ADHD, what type of work should I do?” To help answer that question, here’s a chapter excerpt from Taking Charge of Adult ADHD by Russell A. Barkley with Christine M. Benton. Copyright © 2010. Reprinted with […]

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Value of Strengths in the Workplace

The Value of Strengths in the Workplace

By Michelle Geiman Everyone has strengths and weaknesses that show up at their job. However, for adults with ADHD, overcoming obstacles and personal weaknesses may present a greater challenge than their co-workers face. In the workplace, social skills and work production are highly scrutinized by employers. These can be areas of great difficulty for adults […]

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Jay Carter: Accommodating Success

By Judy Brenis In 2006, at 42 years of age, Jay Carter was diagnosed with ADHD. Trying to understand his daughter’s learning challenges, he read Driven to Distraction, by Ned Hallowell and John Ratey. “On every page, I said, this is me, this is me, this is me,” says Carter, who was officially diagnosed at […]

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Succeeding With a Lack of Structure: Tips for Working On Your Own (Part 1)

We’ve all heard that entrepreneurs are more likely than those in traditional fields to have ADHD or similar traits. Several of the most famous entrepreneurs around have said that their ADHD or LD was in some way an asset on their journey to success. Indeed, many of us seem to gravitate toward work situations where […]

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Succeeding With a Lack of Structure: Tips for Working On Your Own (Part 2)

By Alan Brown  In the last issue of the ADDA eNews, I described a benefit of working in a corporate or group environment; the inherent structure that provides an external scaffolding. ADHDers often lack a strong internal sense of structure. As a result, working at home or independently can be a real challenge. Without the […]

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Succeeding With a Lack of Structure: Tips for Working On Your Own (Part 3)

By Alan Brown   In the last couple of issues of ADDA’s eNews issues, I’ve described the contrast between working in a corporate or group environment versus working independently – at home or otherwise on our own. While we ADDers often gravitate toward the latter, such unstructured environments lack the “safety net” of an external […]

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Success in the Workplace for ADHDers

In the meantime…Self-directed Accommodations for ADHDers in the Workplace

“If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking” Buddhist Proverb According to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive Market Research of 503 adults with ADHD, 77 percent stated that they believe the condition makes it difficult to achieve success at work. Few perceived employers as being […]

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Succeeding With a Lack of Structure: Tips for Working On Your Own (Part 4)

By Alan Brown  Over the past several articles (this is the fourth and final article in the series), we’ve been discussing how many of the members of our ADHD tribe lack important internal structures – goal setting, planning, prioritization, and a realistic sense of time. Thus far, we’ve focused on the workplace, but just like […]

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What if my employee has ADHD

Should You Disclose Your ADHD at Work? Survey Says…

We are often asked, “Should I disclose my ADHD at work?” To answer this question, ADDA’s Workplace Committee conducted a survey between November 2013 and February 2015 asking adults with ADHD about their experiences related to disclosing ADHD at work. In the ADDA Workplace Committee online survey, we asked participants if they had disclosed their […]

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