ADHD in the Workplace Presentation

There is such a stigma about ADHD in the workplace that most employees with the disorder do not disclose their condition. They fear losing their jobs or suffering other forms of discrimination. Furthermore, studies have found that 85 to 90 percent of adults with ADHD do not even know they have it. They could be more productive, but they struggle in silence.

A 2012 article on the economic impact of ADHD in the United States found that the national incremental costs of untreated ADHD ranged from $143 billion to $266 billion. About $87 billion to $138 billion of that total was related to workplace losses. Despite these alarming costs, adult ADHD is virtually unrecognized in the workplace.

To end the stigma and empower people with ADHD, ADDA’s Workplace Committee has created a 45- to 60-minute introductory presentation on managing ADHD at work. It aims to build awareness of the challenges ADHDers face daily at work and provide strategies employers can use to help their employees with ADHD become more productive. The goal is to help employers make the most efficient and effective use of their human capital and show them how managing ADHD increases the bottom line for their organization.

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