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Whether you work in a traditional office at a desk, run a business from home, or drive a truck, your ADHD can present several challenges and difficulties in the workplace. You might need help with time management or sitting through a meeting. Perhaps you need guidance in selecting a career or getting legal advice on your rights. For as many obstacles you face with your unique ADHD symptoms, our tribe at ADDA is diligently working to direct you to a resource to provide a solution.

Please check out the following resources to learn more about ADHD.

ADDA Health Storylines app

ADHD at Work recommends the ADDA Health Storylines app to help you create awareness of your own ADHD. Adults with ADHD are notoriously un-self-aware. Use this app, available for iPhone, Android and PC, to help track your medications, moods, symptoms and side effects.

Virtual Support Groups

ADHD is much easier to cope with if you’re not alone. ADDA offers a number of virtual support groups that can help you connect with other adults with ADHD, people who will understand and not judge you. After all, they’re going through the same thing.


If you’re interested in learning more about ADHD, ADDA is rightly famous for its webinars, offered by the leading experts in adult ADHD today.

Choose the Perfect Career

ADDA offers a number of products for adults with ADHD through its online catalog. One you’ll find especially interesting is the video, “The Perfect Career for ADHD.”

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